Lydia’s Comedy Debut

Last May, while we were still on Home Assignment in the US, Lydia had the opportunity to audition for the Fall play here at Rosslyn Academy. After two late night Skype auditions, she landed the role of Eleanor, an embittered actress playing Barbie Hayden, a blonde stereotype. It was the first time Rosslyn held auditions in the spring for the fall production, and the first time they allowed auditions via Skype.

In early November, the drama department presented the play Nooses Off, a Satire/Farce/Comedy spin-off of Noises Off. It is a play within a play, where each student played not only an actor/actress, but also their onstage character. Act 1 is set at a drama rehearsal one week before opening night, and Act 2 is set backstage on opening night, allowing the audience to see all the interpersonal antics that happen during stage productions. It was full of laughs from beginning to end, and we left each night with sore cheeks from laughing and smiling throughout the whole performance. Lydia had a scene in the Act 2 where she doused herself with fake blood before dramatically falling onto stage screaming and crying out that she had been stabbed (thus the ‘blood’ all over her neck and dress in the photo above, taken just after the show). She did a great job delivering two vastly different characters throughout each performance. Below are some photos from the play. Enjoy!