Back in the Saddle Again

It is great to be back in the saddle again! Our year in America was fabulous, but our work throughout East Africa is such a joy, making it a great blessing to be here working again. We took a year off from writing in our blog while in America, but now we look forward to once again sharing the stories about what we see our amazing Lord doing through His people.

Last week was a busy week flying out of Uganda and South Sudan. The week started off with flying a precious missionary couple and their young son into South Sudan. They work at an orphanage there where regional fighting has occurred all too frequently, forcing many of the missionaries to leave. Yet, this young family packed their few suitcases and headed back into harm’s way for the sake of the Gospel. Carrying the little boy’s yellow Lego box out of the airplane, I felt so thankful to be a part of placing them right where God wants them to be. They live and work in a dangerous place, bringing hope and the Good News of Jesus to the afflicted and oppressed. They must have fear at times, yet they press on for our amazing Lord and His Kingdom.

If you look hard enough in the photo above, you’ll see the boy’s little yellow Lego box. The family also brought in a grain grinder, powered with a small Honda engine attached to the back…very cool!!

It was good to return to the Northern interior of South Sudan last week as well. Rains have made the landscape green and beautiful once again. Sadly, the aftermath of last year’s fighting has presented great challenges for the people. We brought supplies, a medical officer and two nurses into this remote location. During the recent fighting, the church and medical clinic were damaged, adding hardship to the people. But perhaps the greatest difficulty is that the returning population is a mere 10th of what it used to be in this area. While the fighting was occurring, people fled to the cities with hopes of relief and security.

Despite the great difficulties, a South Sudanese Pastor and an Evangelist walk many miles throughout the area to share the Good News with neighboring villages. They lack the basic resources needed to carry on their work and to disciple the church, yet they press on for our gracious Lord.


The refreshing rains have come to renew life in the area. With that rain comes challenges for our flights though. Many flights have been rescheduled for weather delays to let the airfields dry out. It had not rained here for several days, so we were able to land safely. It was so good to see God pouring down His blessing on these villages with life giving rain!

Beautiful views flying once again over the Nile River and the city of Juba (pictured in the photo below)!

Great to be back serving our awesome Lord, as He declares His name throughout the world. Thank you, dear family and friends, for walking with us on this journey and for making our work here possible!!!

~ Dan