Celebrating with Sarah

May has been a wonderful month of celebration at the Halvorson home! We are sad to see it come to a close, but are so thankful for the memories it holds.

The celebrations began early in the month with a graduation party for Sarah and three of her dear friends. The Sunday afternoon event felt much like a wedding reception, or at least something grand and memorable. As one of the fathers said, “It’s one of those events that you attend and by the end of the event, something in life has changed.”

Katie, Reid, Sarah, and Caeli had a combined graduation party together in early May.

A large canopy tent was set up in the beautiful gardens of a friend’s home. Delicious food was in abundance for the 150 or so friends and family that came to honor the four young ladies’ achievements. In April, a Mother-Daughter Tea was held where Lesli and the other mothers had the privilege of blessing their daughters publicly. At this graduation party, it was time for the fathers to speak publicly on behalf of their daughters. Dan shared how in the delivery room, at Sarah’s birth, he had been overwhelmed with the knowledge that God had entrusted him with a daughter to love, train, teach, and care for. He spoke of his dreams for Sarah to be a godly young woman and how all of those dreams had come true. He shared how it was so hard to see her leave the family and proceed beyond our home, but that he knew she was ready to serve outside of the immediate comfort and security of our family. He concluded by laying his hands upon her as he blessed her. Tears flowed. Her Papa had placed a life marker for her in the continuum of time. Sarah had received God’s blessing and her Papa’s blessing to leave the home and begin a new life and ministry beyond the daily shelter of our family.

In the middle of May, we enjoyed seeing Sarah perform in one last choir concert where she sang a beautiful solo in “Somebody to Love”, filling us with joy and reminding us of all the wonderful times of hearing her sing throughout our home. A few days later she helped MC ROSCARS, the Rosslyn Arts Department annual awards ceremony, bringing yet another beautiful vocal duet to the stage.

And finally, to bring the wonderful month of May to its conclusion, Sarah graduated with highest honors from Rosslyn Academy on May 25th, bringing 9 years of homeschooling at Halvorson Academy and 4 years at Rosslyn Academy to a close. Jon Michael flew in from Los Angeles to surprise Sarah just hours before the ceremony began.

The beautiful graduate!

Having fun with the new grad!

Moving their tassels to the left…officially graduated!

Her 52 classmates, hailing from around the world, and the hard working faculty gave a tremendous send-off ceremony. Confirmating the class’s incredible talent, as the valedictorian began the conclusion of her speech, classmates sang a brilliantly choreographed personalised version of the Les Misérables song, “One Day More.” With caps and gowns on, a large number of them began standing and singing one by one, bringing an incredible transition to the ceremony. After this, and to our surprise and delight, Sarah enjoyed singing her final solo with the Rosslyn Singers as they performed during the ceremony as well. It was a blessing to hear one last performance from her, culminating all the hard work she has put into voice over the years.

As the month of May concludes, our hearts are full of thanksgiving and praise to our mighty Lord. We celebrate how God has transformed Sarah to be more like Him and how He continues to transform her life. We know that she is on solid ground, following her Lord and Savior! We thank God for everything that He has accomplished in her life and everything that He will continue to accomplish as she moves into the next chapter of her life, walking with Him! Praise God!!

~Dan and Lesli