Our Lord is on the move

Our Lord is on the move! In West Pokot, located in Kenya near the Ugandan border, our Lord is expanding His Kingdom in a mighty fashion. Foreign missionaries have been in this region for decades, but until recent years, the Gospel message did not seem to bring large-scale transformation into the lives of the Pokot people. This has recently changed dramatically, as the Lord is raising up Pokot pastors and evangelists to preach the Good News to their own people.

Pastor Training in West Pokot

Pastor Training in West Pokot

Recently I flew Bible teachers into the region where they taught Pastors and evangelists the Word of God. The excitement and passion these Pokot Pastors and teachers had for our Lord was humbling. Worshiping with them was so encouraging as we lifted our voices together with a joyful shout to the Lord. These pastors and evangelists had traveled great distances for the Bible training, eager to learn more about how to preach the Word.

A view of the church

A view of the church filled with pastors and evangelists receiving much needed Bible training

Many of these new pastors were formerly warriors who left their guns behind and now use a Bible to preach the Word of God. God has transformed their lives bringing a message of hope and salvation for them, instead of cattle raiding and violence. Our God has done an amazing work, as only He can do in our lives. Some of these pastors, though, have very little education and their understanding of the Scriptures is very limited. This can cause great difficulty as superstition and strange teachings spread throughout their communities. Without fully understanding the Scriptures, it can be difficult for the pastors to instruct their newly established churches on the teachings of Jesus.

Bibles wait for the conclusion of the training

Bibles lay waiting for the conclusion of the training

At the conclusion of the training time each pastor and evangelist received their own Bible, translated into the Pokot or Swahili language. Watching their jubilation over the gift was incredibly inspiring, as they jumped and shouted to the Lord, holding their Bibles high above their heads. The Lord is using these men and women to advance His Kingdom. Our Lord is on the move!

Pastors receiving their new Bibles in their own language

Dancing with excitement over receiving the new Bibles in their own language