Weekly Kids’ Bible Club Kick-off!


Our welcome sign…

After a great week-long Neighborhood VBS in early August, we prayerfully decided a good follow-up would be a weekly Kids’ Bible Club in our neighborhood. Our kick-off was yesterday and we had a great time. Forty kids came for the 1 1/2 hour event, some from VBS, but many new kids as well. We started with games, then had a small snack, followed by singing. The lesson followed and was about the Bible being God’s Word inspired by Him and given to us. We ended with a fun game of “What Time Is It, Mr. Lion?” which all the kids seemed to enjoy! We are looking forward to getting to know these kids better and teaching them more about God’s Word in the weeks to come.



Six kids were called up to play a game of “telephone” showing how messages, when they are not inspired by God, can get mixed up rather quickly.


Teaching the kids about the Bible that is inspired by God.