Perseverance for the Kingdom

I recently flew supplies and missionaries to the new mission station with “Every Village” in South Sudan.  The ongoing civil war caused them to move from their previous location to avoid the fighting.  They purchased a few acres of pastureland land from the government and have begun to transform it into a new place to minister to the South Sudanese people.  These precious servants of God use Bible Storying, radio, and other ministries to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I was able to spend the night with these warriors of the Faith and was so impressed by their tenacious pursuit to share the Good News, despite the difficulty of having to start over again in a new location.

May the Lord bless His Kingdom building work as they proclaim the name of Christ!



Humble beginnings to a new mission work


My overnight accommodations


Missionaries setting up their first few buildings


Hot dogs and potato chips by the camp fire…a rare treat brought in for these hard working missionaries