Run for the Bibleless

My T-Shirt from the run

My T-Shirt from the run

This morning I ran in a 10K run called the “Run for the Bibleless”.  The run was to raise money for Bible Translation and Literacy (BTL), a Kenyan Christian organization whose vision is “To see transformed lives, by the grace of God, when people use God’s Word in the language they understand best”.  As our pastor put it, when he was a child reading and memorizing God’s word in his tribal tongue, he thought of God as speaking his language.  BTL works in communities where there is no written language, and therefore, no Bible in their mother tongue.  Missionaries go into these communities to learn the language, create a written language along with a dictionary, and teach the people how to read.  They then translate the Bible so these people can read God’s word in their heart language.

Last year BTL completed and dedicated the New Testament for the Daasanach people in Northern Kenya after over 20 years of work in that community (you can read about the Daasanach Bible Dedication here).  In Kenya alone there are over 60 different tribal languages spoken.  To date, BTL has dedicated 7 New Testaments and 1 complete Bible, and there are currently 19 projects in progress throughout Kenya.

It was thrilling to run with hundreds of other people interested in getting God’s word translated into the heart languages of these people.  Rejoicing here in the work being done throughout Kenya to get Bibles into the hands and hearts of the Bibleless!