Reaching the Dinka People of South Sudan


As the generator hummed on the opposite side of the compound, I nestled under the mosquito net for a good night of sleep. It had been a long day of flying and thoughts filled my mind of all that I had seen that day.  We had just flown a missionary family from Nairobi, Kenya into South Sudan, and tomorrow morning we would be bringing another missionary family back with us to Nairobi for some much needed respite.  These two families work among the Dinka People and with their team, they run a radio station that broadcasts the Gospel message through radio programming in the Dinka Language.

The generator continued to hum away as it powered the large transmitter, affording some 500,000 Dinkas the opportunity to be discipled.  The Word of God is being declared to God’s precious children, but it comes with sacrifice and many challenges.  That night at dinner with my missionary hosts, the conversation had centered on all the fighting that was going on in South Sudan. My head swam with the names of rebel groups who were involved in the fighting.  Sudan had been in civil war for the last 30+ years and finally a peace agreement had been made allowing South Sudan to form its own Nation.  Only 18 months after becoming a new country, it erupted into civil war itself.  The missionaries there had evacuated 8 months ago due to all the fighting, but now they are back proclaiming the Word.  They live in a dangerous and remote place with few of the comforts of the western world.  Rebel groups still maneuver about with unpredictability, but these missionaries remain resolute in the work the Lord has called them to.

It is a great privilege to be here serving these missionaries, providing them with the supplies they need to live in such a remote place.   I am thankful for all the people back at home who support us, so that we can be here serving the Lord.  Their prayers, encouragement, and generous support fuel the ministry to reach the lost.

My head lies on the pillow and within seconds the sound of the generator lulls me to sleep.  As I sleep, the transmitter continues broadcasting the Good News about Jesus late into the night as part of God’s plan to reach the Dinka People.