Daasanach New Testament Dedication


Join us in celebrating with the Daasanach people, who live on the Kenyan/Ethiopian border, as the missionaries there recently completed the New Testament translation in their language.  The New Testament dedication was on September 20, 2014.  AIM AIR has been flying to this remote tribe in support of this important Kingdom Building work for many years.  Thank you to all of you who have supported AIM AIR over the years, as you have been a part of this work for the Dasanach people, and in working towards bringing every tribe, tongue, and nation into the Kingdom (Revelation 7:9). Here are some photos of the exciting event.

The Dasanaach Ladies

The Daasanach ladies dressed and ready for the celebration

Daasanach Men waiting too

Daasanach men waiting too

Dasanaach New Testaments being brought in

Daasanach New Testaments being brought in

More boxes of Dasanach NT being brought in

Bringing in more boxes of Daasanach NT


Dedication of the New Testament

First Reading of the NT in the Dasanach language

First reading of the NT in the Daasanach language

Speeches at Dasanach NT Dedication

Speeches at Daasanach NT Dedication


Prayers and praise to the Lord for the Daasanach New Testament