The Jesus Film Under the Stars

With our tents pitched on the high Samburu plain, darkness began to fall, and anticipation filled the air.  Tonight the mobile team was showing the Jesus Film and our family was along to witness the great event.  The Jesus Film has been seen in every country of the world since its inception in 1979 and has been translated into hundreds of languages.  Tonight the Samburu people would watch the film in their mother tongue of Kisamburu.  The Samburu people do not yet have the Bible in their language, only two books have been translated so far, but they do have the Kimasai Bible, which is similar to Kisamburu. Tonight though, the many illiterate Samburu would clearly hear the Gospel message.


Our tents…lodging for our family on this night on the Samburu plain

Now, with darkness fully engulfing the high plain, the stars filled the sky with radiance only God could hand craft. Seated under their beauty, the Samburu women and children formed one group while the young Moran warriors sequestered themselves remotely behind them.  A generator groaned in the background, seemingly out of place in this tranquil setting, yet ignored by all who stared at the mobile screen in anticipation of the film.  A Samburu Pastor led off the event sharing some background of what would be seen, and in short order, the movie that has been seen by several billion people around the world, began.

Setting up the mobile screen for the film

Setting up the mobile screen for the film

The wind blew gently on the plain bringing a damp chill into the air, but no one seemed to notice as all eyes tried to soak in what was being viewed.  The opportunity to see a movie is especially rare, most likely a first for the majority seated, and to hear it in their mother tongue was especially powerful.  I kept thinking to myself, this moment seems surreal, billions have seen this movie and now I am here among God’s precious people hearing it in their own language, a language I know not.

The movie came to an end, but not without difficulty for many.  The crucifixion scene was particularly hard for many Samburu to watch.   That Christ would bear such pain for us is shocking.  The chilled air, unable to be ignored any longer, convinced people to return home.  The Samburu warriors departed to tend to their herds, grazing in the cool air under the brilliant stars.  They would have much to talk about through their watches this night, as they pondered what Christ did for them on that cross.

Please pray with me, that those who heard the Gospel message on this night would proclaim Christ as their Savior!  Our Lord continues to pursue us, desiring that none would perish.  Praise God for His great love and mercy.

Your Fellow Servant,