Prayer Requests and New Halvorson Video Released

This month I had an interesting conversation with an AIM Missionary who works amongst an Unreached Nomadic People Group, people who move between the Ethiopian and Kenyan border earning a living by tending livestock.  It was exciting to hear about the work that is being done amongst this tribe.  Needless to say, it is challenging to disciple and witness to a People Group that continues to be on the move, as they find pasture lands for their herds.  Thankfully, the Bible has been written in their language, but the challenge remains for the Gospel to take hold in the hearts of these people.

The missionary I spoke with depends on AIM AIR to provide aviation support into this remote region where he works.  Only at certain times of the year is travel by vehicle possible into this remote location, but it can be especially dangerous due to bandits.  AIM AIR provides a critical link for this missionary’s work.

Thank you, Team, for being an important link to reaching these precious people with the Gospel.  Your prayer and financial support of the Halvorson family is equipping us so that we can provide logistical support to missionary families such as this, in remote regions that are dependent upon air travel.

The influence of Islam is strong in the region in which this family works, since the society maintains order through their own code of law.  Islam’s rule-based religion resonates well with these people, as grace and mercy are challenging concepts for their society to embrace.

Please pray this week for this missionary and the nomadic people they work with.  For security reasons, I have not mentioned their family name nor the people group with which they work, but God will know who we are lifting up to Him.

Specific ideas for prayer this week:

-This missionary family lives in a remote and harsh part of Northern Kenya.  Pray for their endurance in the daily challenges that face them.

-Pray for the Unreached People Group that they are ministering to, that the Gospel of Grace and Reconciliation to God through Christ would take root in their lives.

-Pray for the few Christians who do reside among these peoples, that their lives would radiate Christ in all they do.

PT6 Engine maintenance on the hangar floor this week

PT6 Engine maintenance on the hangar floor this week


Check out this link to a new video Jon Michael Halvorson produced.  You will see a 5-minute overview of the family learning Kiswahili.  We continue to work actively on our new language acquisition even though our formal language training has ended.  Kiswahili is so very important here in Kenya.  In many parts of Kenya you can converse quite readily in English, conducting needed business.  But it has been very apparent that amongst friends, the Kenyans we interact with speak Kiswahili, thus we work hard to learn this new language as we build friendships in our new community.   Hope you enjoy the video!

Click on the link below to be connected to our new video!

Click on the link below to be connected to our new video!

Teaching Our Tongues New Tricks